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Parking Garage Traffic Coating Systems

Superior Performance & Protection

Exceptional parking garage surfaces are available from the experts at Advanced Polymer Technology with our Traffic Coating Systems, Qualideck. Not only can it help enhance the performance of your parking structure, but it can also help effectively extend the life of your parking structure. This is due to our superior chemistry, offering a dual durometer system that consists of the highest elongation of the membrane as well as the highest tensile strength topcoat in the industry. Learn more about Qualideck, its benefits, and its applications below:

Benefits of Qualideck Parking Garage Traffic Coating

Qualideck parking structure traffic coating from Advanced Polymer Technology has been successfully installed in over 50 million square feet of parking areas. As such, it continues to provide parking garages, stadiums, and balconies with numerous benefits, including the following:  

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Proprietary urethane technology

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Made in the USA

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First-rate flexibility & elongation

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Unrivaled aggregate retention

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Unparalleled abrasion resistance

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Complete system passes ASTM C957 Crack bridging test

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Available in multiple colors

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Certified applicators

Durability & Resistance

One of the primary features of Qualideck is its extraordinary durability – with the ultimate in concrete protection. The polyurethane formulation is specially designed to withstand high volumes of traffic, inclement and even extreme weather conditions, and the test of time. It resists the chipping, peeling, and cracking that frequently occur with other parking surface materials, ensuring a longer life in your structure.


At Advanced Polymer Technology, our team takes environmental sustainability seriously, and our Qualideck traffic coatings are a testament to that. Our polyurethane technology is eco-friendly, emitting minimal volatile organic compounds (VOCs), a common environmental concern associated with standard polyurethane solutions. It is also solvent-free. As a result, Qualideck promotes reusability, as it can be layered over existing surfaces, minimizing the need for new materials and reducing waste.


Qualideck is not all about function; our topcoats are available in a variety of colors, offering a unique aesthetic appeal that elevates the look of any parking structure. With our Qualideck traffic coating, parking structures can now blend seamlessly with their surrounding architecture or stand out on their own.

Easy Maintenance

Lastly, our Qualideck significantly reduces maintenance costs. As a long-lasting form of protection, it requires less frequent repairs and replacements than other coatings, offering a significant return on investment over time. Plus, its durable performance makes cleaning and upkeep effortless. Ultimately, with Qualideck, parking structures of all kinds can have a top-quality traffic coating, lasting for years!


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Performance by Design

Qualideck Topcoat (372 or 582UV)

372 and 582UV have high tensile strength with 372 boasting a tensile strength of 4200+ PSI (D412) allowing it to hold and retain aggregate better and longer than other competitive topcoats

Membrane (252) 1103% Elongation

The membrane at the point of the concrete slab allows movement and elongates, dissipating the movement as it moves upward through the topcoat, signigicantly reducing cracking through the topcoat

Image showing layers of concrete and protection
Image showing layers of concrete and protection


Superior Performance

Qualideck Topcoat (372 or 582UV)

Longer wearing, holds aggregate better and longer

Membrane elongation (1103%, D412)

Prevents cracking through the topcoat

quality guaranteed

LEED Credits

Advanced Polymer Technology is dedicated to supplying its customers with quality products that not only possess exceptional physical properties, but also contribute to a “greener” environment. Qualideck products can help in contributing towards gaining LEED points and certification.

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Parking Traffic Coating with Qualideck

At Advanced Polymer Technology, our Qualideck parking garage traffic coating is made from polyurethane and features a primer, membrane, intermediate coat, and top coat. Our traffic coating outperforms conventional epoxies and polyurethanes. This is because Qualideck lasts longer and prevents cracking through the top coat. In doing so, Qualideck offers indoor and outdoor parking areas of all types industry-leading flexibility, elongation, and aggregate retention. Ultimately, this makes Qualideck from Advanced Polymer Technology a top choice for parking structures, stadiums, and balconies.

Applications for Our Qualideck Traffic Coating

At Advanced Polymer Technology, our Qualideck traffic coating systems are ideal for numerous applications, which includes:

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Parking Structures

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Parking Stadiums

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Parking Balconies

How we stack up

Qualideck vs. the rest

  • EProprietary urethane technology
  • EIndustry-leading flexibility & elongation
  • ESuperior aggregate retention
  • EUnparalleled abrasion resistance (2.5x stronger)
  • EComplete system passes ASTM C957 Crack bridging test
  • ECosts 25% less than comparable epoxy systems
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Why Choose Advanced Polymer Technology for Parking Traffic Coatings?

Advanced Polymer Technology is a leading producer and provider of chemical products, including coatings and other specialty products; this includes our Qualideck Traffic Coatings, along with numerous manufacturing facilities, producing our American-made synthetic turf and other various sports coatings. Our entire production process and products are integrated with our company’s commitment to quality and environmental sustainability, allowing us to offer our customers eco-friendly and highly advanced products.

Aggregate retention chart

Outperforming on every level

Aggregate Retention

Qualipur 372 polyurethane topcoat “outperforms” our competitor’s epoxy topcoats. Epoxy topcoats are usually more expensive in the market, making us more cost-effective with our polyurethanes against epoxies. This was proven with outside testing


What System Is Right For You?

Answer a few simple question and the chart to the right will show you what system fits your needs.

What application type best describes your needs?

What is the volume of traffic?

What type of warranty do you need?

What slab type?

Will it be exposed to the sun?

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Medium Duty Heavy Duty Extra Heavy Duty Extreme Duty
Primer 4 mils 4 mils 4 mils 4 mils
Membrane 25 mils 25 mils 25 mils 25 mils
Intermediate   15 mils 25 mils 30 mils
Top Coat 15 mils 15 mils 15 mils 20 mils
Sand Aggregate 10-15 lbs / 100 sf / Coat 10-15 lbs / 100 sf / Coat 10-15 lbs / 100 sf / Coat 10-15 lbs / 100 sf / Coat
Total 40 mils 55 mils 65 mils 75 mils
Q 152 Primer
Q 182 Primer
Q 252 Membrane
Q 372 Intermediate/Top Coat (Aromatic)
Q 582 UV Top Coat (Aliphatic)

custom colors

Colorize your surface

Actual colors may vary slightly color samples. Slight variations may occur due to job site conditions, mixing proportions, and installation methods. Standard colors will vary by product.

Qualideck Samples

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Qualideck Traffic Coatings from Advanced Polymer Technology create more durable, sustainable, and longer-lasting protection. From parking structures to stadiums and balconies, our Qualideck coatings will extend their life with ultimate concrete protection. So contact us today to learn more about waterproofing your concrete parking structures!


Here you’ll find a variety of documents for Qualideck and all other related surfacing information.

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TDS Documents

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Qualipur 182 Primer

Qualipur 252 Membrane

Qualipur 372

Qualipur 552

Qualipur 582

Maintenance & Warranty

Maintenance Manual

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Warranty Form

Consumption Chart

Consumption Chart


Qualisky Spec Sheet

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Qualipur 152 A

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Qualipur 182 A

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Qualipur 252 A

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Qualipur 252 HV A

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Qualipur 372 A

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Qualipur 372 SPF A

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