Commercial Playground Surface

At Advanced Polymer Technology, we offer a number of state-of-the-art recreational coatings and surfaces for various applications, including our exceptional rubber commercial playground surface. Playgrounds are one of the most popular spaces for children for recreation. It is here they can run, jump, climb, explore, and play, which helps foster healthy development while getting some exercise.

To make the most of these spaces over time, it is best for playground owners and operators to invest in high-quality commercial playground flooring. Fortunately, at Advanced Polymer Technology, our Melos playground surface offers several significant advantages, including durability, cushioning for fall protection, and visual appeal.

Overview of Melos: Our EPDM Granules for Playgrounds

Melos from Advanced Polymer Technology are our EPDM granules that are ideal for use as playground surfacing. This surface is manufactured in our world-class facility in Germany that utilizes standardized processes as well as constant sampling. In doing so, our rubber playground flooring offers consistent properties in its granule size, color, and grain distribution. It is available in several color options, including red, blue, green, yellow, orange, gray, and more. 

Our commercial playground surface is ideal for numerous applications, such as playgrounds, parks, schools, childcare areas, aged care facilities, walking trails, decking, porches, and any other area where a softer and more secure surface is necessary to help ensure greater safety, accessibility, and comfort. 

In addition, our Melos rubber playground flooring granules can be laid in and around existing obstacles, such as playground equipment. This is because it is installed using a “wet-pour” process, which makes it easily installable and customizable to fit virtually any type of space.

Hexagon grid of 4 different colors of granules

Melos Granules Designer

With Melos Granules Designer, you can design your
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Playground TDS Documents

Qualipur 3401

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Qualipur 3480

Hexagon grid of 4 different colors of granules

Melos Color Chart Selection

View the wide range of colors of the Melos granules.

Benefits of Melos Rubber Playground Flooring From Advanced Polymer Technology

At Advanced Polymer Technology, our team uses a state-of-the-art manufacturing process to produce our Melos playground surface. In doing so, the design and construction of our playground flooring are able to offer play areas several significant advantages. Some of the many benefits our playground surface has to offer include:

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Long-lasting durability

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Firm grip and traction

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Long-lasting durability

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Few maintenance needs

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Availability in a wide range of color options

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Integrated fall protection to help prevent potentially serious injuries 

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UV-resistance to reduce the potential for fading

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For business owners, schools, parks, and even homeowners, selecting the right surface for your playground is crucial. Fortunately, with these advantages and others, our Melos playground surface can help you enhance your playground or play area. Not only can it help make your space for play more resilient and more attractive, but it also helps make it a safer space for children of all ages to enjoy. 

Why Choose Advanced Polymer Technology for Commercial Playground Padding and Resurfacing?

There are many options available for playground and play area surfacing. From sand to wood chips and even artificial turf, it can be difficult to determine the right surface for your needs. Fortunately, at Advanced Polymer Technology, we offer a highly advantageous playground surface that prioritizes safety and does not succumb to the same issues as these other surfacing materials.

Our Melos playground flooring does not require redistribution or replenishment like sand and wood chips typically require. It also does not need all of the tedious maintenance that natural grass demands, and unlike artificial grass, our rubber granules hold up much better over time due to their superior resistance to weather factors and foot traffic. Ultimately, this makes our playground surface an exceptional choice for virtually any playground or play area.

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Melos playground surfacing from Advanced Polymer Technology is a highly beneficial playground and play area surface. It is available in numerous color options and easily installable in a variety of settings, including for homes, businesses, parks, schools, daycare centers, and more. Best of all, our rubber playground flooring is safer, longer-lasting, and low maintenance, so you do not have to worry about constantly caring for it or having it replaced.

For more information on our Melos commercial playground flooring, contact us today! Our team is happy to share the details with you and why this product is an ideal addition to your playground or play area!